Two months ago, performing the task above would have been UNTHINKABLE.

It seems like only yesterday (well it almost was you know…) that Emblems of Frost were untouchable. You’d keep them, hoard them, carefully stockpiling their Frosty awesomeness for only the best items. If you needed Heirlooms it would be Triumphs that got the shove, being easier to gather and having a far lesser value.

Not any more.

In the last days before 4.0.1 it’s all gravy: Triumph and Frost are effectively worth the same, the only difference is that you can’t trade Triumphs up for Frosty gear, for that you have to wait. However, if like me and my newly-dinged Palalalaladin you don’t have nearly enough Frosties for anything useful but you’re very close to a new pair of T9 shoulders, there’s nothing to lose in downgrading your badges for the gear improvement. After all come next week (we hope) we know how many Justice Points we’ll be getting for running dungeons

  • Lich King Heroic dungeon boss — 16 Justice Points
  • Lich King daily normal dungeon — 12 Justice Points
  • Lich King daily Heroic dungeon — 23 Justice Points
  • Lich King raid boss — 23 Justice Points
  • Cataclysm Heroic dungeon boss — 75 Justice Points
  • Cataclysm daily normal dungeon — 75 Justice Points
  • Cataclysm daily Heroic dungeon — 75 Valor Points
  • Cataclysm 10-player raid boss — 75 Valor Points
  • Cataclysm 25-player raid boss — 105 Valor Points

It’s not often my husband turns to me and says ‘that’s a brilliant idea’ so if he thinks that the ol’ switcheroo was useful then maybe you can benefit as well. What I would say however is that if you happen to be realistically close to an item purchasable by Frosties and you’ll be able to get the emblems you need before the changeover, I’d do it that way regardless. In the case of my Paladin 12 Frosties was never going to be of any real value, with no way of earning enough before the changeover to make use of them. As always, common sense beats greed…

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