Today’s good mood has been soured by yet another Guildie being hacked. I think therefore it’s high time I reminded all you people that having an Authenticator attached to your account is pretty much essential. I should also point out that if you don’t have one come 4.0.1 you will not have access to our Guild Bank. Yes, I know that it’s an option, but I’m clicking the box. Why? Simple really, this means in the last year TEN people have been hacked in our modest, medium-sized Guild of mates. TEN. Having to sort out when bank stuff is taken and then sent back to me by GM’s is frankly depressing. Fortunately this morning I was able to restrict bank access before any damage was done, but the fact remains. Your account matters to you, you should protect it. GET AN AUTHENTICATOR.

They’re available via the Blizzard Store, or as an app for your phone.

Do it NOW.

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