1. The Critters are embracing Gear Score.

This one has clearly been saving his Badgers… ^^

2. You end up in Silvermoon on a Saturday afternoon.

W has bear. Considering I’ve seen better organised piles of paper this went surprisingly well.

3. The Burning Steppes begins to look attractive.

M’s herbing hit 300 this weekend. I blame that Black Lotus that mocked me for about seven round trips of the zone. Nothing like a bit of subconscious encouragement to make a mindless grind more attractive.

4. You’ll take any buff, regardless of actual use.

… yeah, W’s Destro spec really needs some + frost boostage. After Silvermoon it was Blackfathom Deeps (hence the useless buffage) Shadowfang Keep and Scarlet Monastery for the Dungeonmaster achievement. We ended up in ZG for a bit of cash generation via the medium of Bijoux. I’ve totally broken my ‘no farming at weekends’ rule as well, but as the End of All Things is coming…

5. You willingly PuG a Hard Modes Group.

I’m not sure why I took W, maybe coz she’s slightly better geared than P, but it’s more likely because it was late and I couldn’t be arsed to relog. Those four achievements took the best part of two and a half hours, that’s how bad the group was. The RL admitted at one point he was moaning about how bad it was that people kept leaving the group or ‘deliberately’ DC-ing on Skype whilst he left the rest of us hanging about waiting for him to stop being rubbish. I was good enough to give him fifteen minutes warning before I lost patience with his slowness and went to bed. It was gone midnight and they’d just reached the inside of Ulduar. Did they not know the Apocalypse is imminent? As a result I have scheduled a Hard Modes run next weekend. Hopefully 4.0.1 will make us imba enough to own the place in an evening.

6. You wipe all night on a boss you’ve easily owned in ICC.

No picture. Just fail on Syndragosa, for over two hours. Bleurgh.

7. You think your own gags are funnier than they really are.

I know… and before you ask, I’m wearing my fishing gear ^^

8. You start panicking about hit.

Look, it’s all going to fall apart next week, everyone will be in the same boat and frankly you’d be better off worrying about your UI working than where you’re going to find 17% hit. You have enough Badgers for the 264 hit trinket… you can always buy it before you log Tuesday night and sell it back before the two hours grace period is up. DON’T PANIC.

9. You end up breaking the game. Multiple times.

M the Rogue failed to complete the Battle of Gnomeregan. On her own ^^ The event bugged twice at the same spot, before we entered the tunnels section. All I can assume is that my imba Rogue dps was just TOO AWESUM for the event. *sigh*


‘Excuse me, Sir… The Job Centre is on the ‘phone…
they say they’ve got a possible opening for you…’

One thought on “Ten Signs the Apocalype is Approaching…

  1. 1. Critters with gearscore?? We're doomed!!! Dooooooooooooooomed I tell you!

    And how will we manage to kill about 50 000 critters for a guild achievement when they have such imba gear??? ;)

    6. “Can you feel the cold hand of death upon your heart?” Actually… I could…

    Next time, Sindy, next time!

    7. Was actually funny :) I lol'd… Perhaps that says more about me :P

    10. Raggy makes an imba appearance in Mount Hyjal! IMBA I tell you!


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