Needless to say, you’d never get away with cigarette advertising like that ever again. Ah, the 1960’s ^^

Now the cheesy nod is out of the way, I need to thank Basil. He reminded me that, come Wednesday, Glyphs are all going to change. There’s a new tier of them for starters: the Prime Glyph. Some are going to disappear altogether. Most importantly though, once a character learns one that’s it, you never have to buy another again.

As a result of Basil’s heads up it occurred to me that N the Priest could do a lot worse than make sure she had a stack of each type of ink and a pile of parchments on standby for Wednesday. One look on the AH and I died of shock: herb prices are frankly astronomical, especially the lower level ones. It seems the smart people are already preparing to make their cash this week, so it seems I’m going to be forced to send out a gatherer this evening to pick up a couple of stacks of the herbs I need for a hasty bout of last-minute milling.

Of course, if I decide to get carried away, I could easily make some extra spending money on the back of people lazier than myself not being prepared. It’s certainly very tempting…

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