Whilst we all sit and wait as the Shiny New Launcher delivers Stage One of Cataclysm to our desktops, let us take a moment to remember the passing of a great many things. As of last night, much of our Old World has changed forever. It seems only right at this point to stop and reflect on what we have lost…

Ah, my extra six yards of range over the rest of Azeroth. I will miss you dearly :(

We’re not sure we’re going to cope without mana just yet, I’ll let you know when I actually have to sustain dps with focus… oh and of course, ammo has vanished for good. Spare a thought at this point for the poor Guildie who’d been working hard on his Ashen Verdict rep to make sure his Engineer alt could buy the Epic Ammo recipe. He cheerfully announced his achievement in Guild last night, only to have Yours Truly inform him that as of today he doesn’t need it…

Whilst you wait for the servers to come back up in Europe, READ THE PATCH NOTES. You know it makes sense :D

No more twisting anymore…

RIP Permanent Tree Form. Nuff said.

If you didn’t do The Battle for Gnomeregan or The Battle for the Echo Isles before, you’re out of luck. Both have gone forever. I’m a bit annoyed at this because I’d not done it on everyone. Never mind.

Chilling with the Shaman Trainer in SW…

Considering the issues I had last time logging out in Dalaran, I took the liberty of moving everyone out of Northrend and parking them near appropriate trainers. I’ve been checking addons since late last night, and I have a pretty good idea what ones I’ll need to turn off to be able to log in (whenever that may be) without too much hassle…

Let’s hope when it happens, it’s not the End of the World.

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