‘These are the times that try men’s souls.’
THOMAS PAINE, Founding Father (1737–1809)
Last night in Trade, I watched one of the more well-known of my server’s personalities have a very public meltdown. He listed all of his characters for sale and then proceeded to wail that he wanted his DK spec back and that the patch was the worst thing ever. He wasn’t alone, the panic and fear in every capitol I visited was palpable. Everyone has to start from scratch, and for some (with broken addons and new abilities they couldn’t immediately turn to a webpage with help with) it was a bit too much.
Needless to say, I’ve seen this all before.
Each new expansion has bought it’s fair share of trauma. Vanilla to TBC will always be the worst for me because it was the first time I’d been forced to relearn my classes. This was a new concept in gaming: before you just needed a guide to follow and know which buttons to press and you could beat everything. Not with The Burning Crusade: suddenly it mattered more to adapt. Anyone who actually played 40 Man will regardless extol the many virtues of the feeling you got in a group that size beating a boss, but no-one misses three days in a dungeon in six hour chunks (and all the limitations the old ways gave) Yes, it was all fields here back then but things were harder and relied on you having thirty-nine friends. The new way looks a lot more flexible, and it’s undoubtedly because of Blizzards willingness to adapt game-play to change that the game now has twelve million people playing worldwide.
This patch, it has to be said, is pretty fundamental. Yes, your talent trees have changed but once upon a time you didn’t have these kind of options, or the ability to switch specs so easily, so if you’re going to get upset that things don’t work immediately consider for a moment that the fact they mostly do is pretty bloody impressive. Blizzard are watching every piece of data that results from us playing in the next couple of weeks and things will be changed, because they know they need to be. There will be some issues however they can’t change (I know at least one person who’s lost a bunch of enchants because of Blizzard’s cock up) and in those cases sorry will have to be enough. It happens. S, if you’re reading this I’ll help you get some mats together to help you replace what you lost: at times like this it’s good to know who your friends are and that they’re willing to help in tough times.
Most importantly of all however I think people need to grasp that this process of evolution is as much a part of the gaming experience as fighting bosses and earning Achievements. You can QQ until the Taurens come home but it’s inevitable, to allow the game to move forward they have to be implemented. I’m sure some people would argue that had Blizzard thought back in Vanilla the issues they’d have with the game mechanics then half of these issues wouldn’t even exist… but they weren’t thinking long term back then. No-one expected Warcraft to last this long, I suspect especially Blizzard, and somewhere right now a bunch of people are planning for the day when WoW isn’t the #1 MMO in the world because… that’s how it works. Tastes change, and the biggest single reason in my mind as to why I’m still here over five years later playing the same game is exactly that, it’s adaptive. Evolution keeps it alive.
To those people who decide they’ve had enough… I suspect 4.0.1 is simply the straw that broke the camel’s back. If that is the case I’d hope people will go quietly but inevitably it’s easier to whine than to adapt, and the nature of (certain sections) of humanity is to have a bloody good moan at the drop of a hat to make you better about yourself. To those of you who will be leaving us in this manner at this point I wish to a safe journey, but have to say as you walk out the door you have no idea of what you’re going to miss. These are exciting times ahead. Change is inevitable. Evolution is a bitch.
Oh, and Trap Launcher owns everything. That is all :D

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