This week has really not been very heroic, at all.

Needless to say, Maintenance on Wednesday pretty much broke the Servers. In fairness they’d been borked (because of the issue with interactive cogweels that still refuses to go away, which appears to be in some way related to tooltips…) but it just got worse, and for me at least, the issues remain. This makes doing the daily Headless Horseman a little more challenging than normal. It also means I’ve not seen anyone achieve The Hallowed so far, despite three alts all being very close to doing so. I suspect this means there’ll be a lot of Trick or Treating this weekend…

Many things are not right still after 4.0.1. There are bugs and annoyances aplenty. To add to the hassle we had another Guildie hacked yesterday morning and I decided it was time to bite the bullet and apply authenticators to anyone wanting bank access. However there is a downside to this, as I discovered. Anyone who has not yet logged onto the game post 4.0.1 cannot be promoted, because the game assumes that you have an authenticator only when you log a character on for the first time. There is a 72 hour window before any promotion can occur as a result. This means that at least one officer who hasn’t logged since the patch was deployed will have to remain without their status for the time being, for which I apologise profusely (yes L, this means you…)  It also means I’ll need to get everyone to log every alt they’ll want to have bank access for before I can promote anyone back to to being capable of doing so…

It would help if I was working as intended though all this, but sadly I’m not :(

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