Last night, after my success in Magister’s Terrace, Wonder Pally and I decided we’d go see how our luck extended on the Mount front in the soon-to-be decommissioned ZG. Not unsurprisingly we drew a blank on Raptor and Tiger mounts. However, we scored an unexpected bonus.

I almost missed the Razzashi Hatchling as I skinned, but there it was. If it had been just me in the Instance I’d have learnt the pet without a second thought but without my husband’s help I’d never have looted it in the first place, and I found myself in an interesting situation. Should I push my pet-collecting tendencies or should we see if we could capitalise on this pet’s soon to be extinct status? Some lively debate ensued, and in the end we came to a compromise. If the auction above doesn’t attract interest in two days, I get to learn the pet (yes, mine’s the highlighted one.) If it does, my husband gets some benefit from what was always going to be a trip where we’d both roll on all the potential spoils.

I’m really hoping it doesn’t sell ^^

As an Odd Yet Seasonally Associated Postscript to our journey out last night:

Were these bags dropping in last year’s event or are they new?

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