After the sale of the Raptor (no surprises really) and the fact that ZG is on a three day raid lock there has been more than one trip back to the Original Troll Raid Instance, using a combination of tanks and healers with skinners in two. It’s an odd feeling knowing it’s the last days of this great instance, that the clock is ticking down to it’s demise with unerring certainty. We’re not farming the place by any stretch of the imagination either: raptors only, and the two bosses who might finally yield their mounts (but aren’t likely to, let’s face it) but still these half-hearted attempts are yielding some moolah. Skinning is the biggest winner again, with Rugged Leather back up to 40g a stack, but the Bijou and coins from any trash that gets in our way are not to be ignored as people desperately try to complete their Zandalar rep.

With all this time in ZG the conversation has inevitably turned to the Secondary Troll Raid Instance, and whether it would be possible to farm ZA in the same way with the changes 4.0.1 have brought. The biggest sticking point of course is actually getting into the place, as you needed five people to bang the gong to gain entry… but not so now. The Wonder Pally did a reccie and was able to enter with simply two, so I’d expect this week we’ll be heading North to the Ghostlands to see what farming joys are in store…

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