So, how do you get this Feat of Strength, then? Guides are thin on the ground at this stage, so let’s collate what I’ve discovered in the last couple of hours.

1. You need to find and kill four of the different types of Elemental Rifts scattered across the world (Earth, Air, Fire & Water) and collect the four buffs they give, which are as follows:

You don’t need to kill a rift in a L80 area to collect this buff, which means destruction of any spawn in any area of Azeroth is acceptable. However if you want the Mysterious Object that forms part of the Daily Quest for the this event, you will need to find and kill a rift that is in an appropriate zone to your current level.

Rewards are dependant on level, of course, but don’t worry if you can’t get to a Northrend rift before the  masses descend on them. The quest item will remain inside any untouched rift, and after 10 minutes when it despawns the device will remain to be claimed, so you don’t need to be there when it spawns to collect one.

2.You’ll need to actually find a rift to start with. To those of you who remember the first two sets of pre-expansion events it appears that the spawn points share some similarities, certainly in Azeroth. Needless to say if you fly to an area using scheduled transport the spawns are easily-spottable from the air. MMO Champion has a full list of the spawn points for those of you who don’t want to waste time flying about in Outland or Northrend. I would recommend avoiding Northrend for the first few days unless you like having to jostle for spawns or outbreaks of PvP, I did all my work in Outland and saw no-one else as I did :D

3. You’ll need to be there when the spawn happens. By my timings, Outland and Northrend spawns appeared on my server at 13 minutes past the hour. I approached a spawn in Wetlands at 5 past the hour which appeared to despawn and then reappear, so I’d conclude that perhaps not all spawns are totally reliable. More research will be conducted as the week goes on.

4. You don’t need to have all four buffs on you simultaneously to get the Achievement. Just collecting all of them is sufficient.

Happy Hunting, and remember the Apocalypse is but days away!

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