We’re Doomed, I tell you! DOOOOOMED!

A lot of stuff in game right now is not Working as Intended. Quite apart from strange goings on in the Isle of Conquest (more on which in a second) I’ve counted hyperactive Frostwyrms in Icecrown, Elemental Statues in the Halls of Stone… the list is pretty comprehensive. One can only hope come the Shattering that Azeroth sorts it’s collective act out and starts working properly. Until that time, I need something to do.

I’ve done lists before, I’ve bored them with you to boot, but the fact remains that my first and main love is the Hunter. I can send all the alts to the Tournament or make them go investigate Cults but there’s only one character I can log in first come Deecember 7th and that will be P. Quite apart from the fact I’ll be able to have a new haircut that evening, I want to make sure I’m in good shape for the first push into the new content. That means playing her, which in turn requires some time in current content. Therein lies my problem.

Pretty much all the solo content I can do I’ve covered. This leaves me 10 and 25 man stuff I’ve not covered and Battlegrounds, if I’m to look to my constant goal of  I’ve Got The Achievement For That. It should come as no surprise to anyone here that I do achievements on P, since they were introduced I’ve been their slave on many occasion, mostly because I’ve gained a benefit from doing so. I also know that come Cataclysm the barely-concealed Achievement Competition in Guild will ramp up several gears. It’s ok guys, it’s perfectly understandable. I get that, and in the long run it will benefit the Guild in turn, which is awesome. My problem now is finding bite-sized chunks in the vast sea of completed tasks that I can do solo without having to spend the next thirty two days camping spawn points.

This is why, between the achievement for the Blood Queen in ICC 10, you’ll see two achievements for the Isle of Conquest. It’s basic setup is pretty borked (no Hanger access for anyone, if you do get there you’ll end up 200 miles out to sea in No Man’s Land) but what does work does so pretty well, so much so that in the daytime the queue is less than ten minutes. Despite countless people telling me the walls were bugged this morning I saw both Alliance and Horde Keeps stormed, pitch battles which went down to the last handful of resources and moments both of total WIN and complete FAIL. I have read that the 40 man BG will not exist in rated games, which is such a shame because there is something totally awesome about that many people all working and moving as a unit, and it does happen. When it does, believe me, it’s a joy to behold.

It also gives me a chance to practice huntering in a competitive environment, without the need to worry about anyone else to help. I suspect if things continue as they are, I’ll be spending a great deal of time ticking off BG achievements in the weeks to come…

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