Let it be known that in the weeks leading up to Cataclysm, /show helm will be in the ON position and I will be using hats as a medium of relaxation. No, I won’t be taking them off (except perhaps if I end up facing Halion or doing anything in ICC, Grats to all the new people who got Kingslayer after we biffed him again on Monday) This means, of course, I need moar headgear…

Achievement Gathering has continued at a reasonable pace, thought when I was asked last night if I was ‘actively’ achieving I did have to point out that what I can actually do on my own is becoming more and more limited. However, as I’ve never lucked out and found a rare in Outland since the Achievement was created, yesterday’s score was particularly impressive, and I will admit I went looking for that one ^^. The Giant Rat was, as it happens, completely accidental via the Daily Fishing Quest. My list continues to contract at a worrying rate…

As we mentioned the LK Kill, I just want to share something with you:

These are my dps meters from the successful LK attempt. Although I didn’t do the highest dps (nods to S the Retri for sterling work and gasps at my husband in second overall tanking with dps that beat our resident hotshot hunter, that’s gonna be nerfed) I did top the overall damage done, which I have to say I’m still surprised about. That’s also more damage I think I’ve done anywhere with the Lock which I attribute to some solid advice on what to spec and how to take advantage of my Mastery bonus (by completely ignoring it and stacking haste) That, ladies and gentlemen, is the power of the DoT, an extra 400,000 damage by doing frankly bugger all.

I will ensure W gets some play time in the next few weeks, if I’m top of the meters there’s a major nerfbat on it’s way for everybody…

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