Scary W presents this post in association with Jin’do!

This is still one of the best looking items of headgear in game, period. Go try for The Hexxer’s Cover before it vanishes from ZG forever…

The last day or so has been money-making, rift-tripping and pet-training.

I have a Worm. Called Ear ^^ He’s blue, from Maraudon, but does that annoying thing that the Ravagers used to do in TBC of changing skins when he’s summoned, so occasionally he’s grey and not as awesome. That said the dps he does is scary, and I’ll be sticking myself into some randoms over the weekend to see just how much he’s capable of at 80. It’s looking more and more like it’ll be Beast Mastery Spec for Instancing on current pet outputs: Gromit for Heroism, Ear for AoE and Dizzy if we don’t have a Priest or a Lock in tow. Part of me still thinks I’ll end up needing a pure dps pet for 10 mans in Marks Spec, but that’s going to entirely depend on the 85 numbers. Needless to say these are exciting times for your average Hunter.

I also tamed the White Eagle Matriarch from Sholazar. She’s now a he, and is called Eddie. It had to be done.

I chose to level these guys not in a five man as I usually do, but by running one of my favourite leather circuits in Gundrak, in the hope I might see a Hatchling. Over 100 Heavy Borean Leather later I’m still raptorless but considerably better off. If all else fails, I’ll just keep filling up the stable (ten slots to go ^^)  and running the circuit…

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