Yesterday’s ‘Ticked off the Achievement List’ job has been not unlike the ‘Higher Learning’ odyssey in terms of time taken to receive. I know how many fish I’ve landed before in an attempt to catch it, and I’d hazard a guess there’s at least four figure’s worth of Longjaw Mud Snappers that have preceded this old git finally being mine. As I discussed with a Guildie yesterday (who I will miss terribly once he’s back to work after his enforced sabbatical after a bout of illness) this is actually the easy part of proceedings, it’s Old Crafty that’s going to be the test as Orgrimmar’s going to be teeming with people come Cataclysm, and if I need even a portion of the fish I needed to get his Ironforge-based counterpart…

I also did Tilted yesterday, but there may have been some collusion afoot to achieve it. Amazing that my Rogue managed to get it at exactly the same time… ^^

Today I’m not sure I can stand another day of scraping the bottom of the Achievement barrel, so it’s likely to be more grindage, or possibly some instances to remember how playing with four other people works…

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