I have to search ALL these people?

P3 of the Invasion is upon us, and I have the answer to my question of what order things are going down in. Next time something happens, it’s gonna be major. I’ll be online Monday at 6pm UK *just in case*… ^^

So, yesterday was W’s Grinding Day, where I decided to ‘do’ the Cenarion Circle thing. Fortunately for most of the time I was alone in Silithus, so things went pretty fast. There was an issue I remember vaguely reading about concerning how the Cultist gear’s drop rates is a bit off and that certain items don’t get destroyed when you access a Windstone…

Yes, the droprate’s borked. Hats drop a LOT. Chests drop slightly less often and shoulders seemed to drop (at least for me) in groups of three with VERY long gaps in between. By the time I’d killed enough Cultists to take my second try at an Abyssal Lord I’d got the rep I needed anyway. This means W’s at 29/30 Exalted Reps and is likely to be seen next grinding Ogres in Nagrand for a selection of Talbuk…

Today’s project was the last piece of L270 PvP gears I needed for as full a set of Wrathful as I’m ever likely to see. It’s the Isle of Conquest weekend, and I endured several hours of whining, ./ignores and being verbally abused for everything from letting people die to the Hanger being bugged. I kid you not. It’s always a good day when you’re ignored for not saving someone else’s life. You jump on the back of my rocket pal, you look after yourself. If you wanna blame me for 39 other people’s stupidity, you’re really on your own. Needless to say, I got a (relatively) difficult achievement by accident. Not a bad afternoon’s work:


I could have a go at updating the Boots and my Belt, but I think I’ll leave BG’s for a few days.

In the evening I went and healed (on the priest) a 3 Man Maggy Run (500g divided by 3 = worth the effort) and then did ZA with four and helped another mate get a Mojo pet. We rounded up the evening with a push into Blackwing Lair, and I switched healer to Shaman to pick up something I’ve wanted to get for quite some time:

The sad completest in me is happy, I’ve wanted this smelt for a while and particularly before Cataclysm. I will be making one bar at least before The Shattering, just because I can :D

All in all, pretty good two days. Tomorrow I need to ensure all the alts have done all the Elemental quests on both factions before I sit back and wait to se what Monday brings…

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