WoW Insider has a Cataclysm Countdown Clock.

./says nothing :P

Aside from trendsetting, I spent today being helpful and clearing Ironforge and Stormwind from the Elemental Menace.

In case you are wondering, that’s a Sandbag on my back. The more astute of you who are doing these events will notice that the IF one is borked: no rifts spawn for Tripping the Rifts and you don’t get the Elite versions of the mobs, which means that the two bosses associated with a clear seem to pop a lot quicker than the SW ones… and this time around there is no restriction on the number of times you can kill them :O At 16 Justice Points a kill and ilevel 251 loots I’d say you’d be foolish not to farm these guys to within an inch of their lives. The benefits are various:

  • No restriction on the number of times a boss can be killed, save the time you have before the instance becomes unavailable. We managed 12 boss kills last night in the window of opportunity we had, that’s a massive 192 JP!
  • No piles of annoying trash to negotiate. This is a HUGE bonus.
  • The loot itself: if you’re not in ICC on a regular basis the options on loot are pretty good, and although you won’t find weapons there is summat for everyone. I garnered five upgrades yesterday: a choice of necks for the secondary Hunter, the Boomkin and the Pally, a ring upgrade for my Priest and the mail healing bracers for my Shaman. So what if the loot only lasts you three weeks! An upgrade is an upgrade :D
  • The fights themselves are, if truth be told, not easy. You do need to have your brain engaged: Hot Feet in the Flamelash fight is a killer if you’re not paying attention. These spells are a probable indicator of what we have to look forward to in Cataclysm dungeons if previous experience is any indicator and the mechanics are clear: that shadow under your feet in the Princess fight? It means you had a boulder thrown at you and it’s time to MOVE ^^ I’d say the Zul’Farrak encounter is the most annoying (boss healing back to 90% health when at 25% is BAD) and there are some LoS issues with the pool I’m sure were never there in the 5 man non-epic version, but still… if you’re willing to pay attention you could actually learn something from this foursome. However, King Wyrnn needs to get some better moves. Whirlwinding at the arse end of bosses, so last patch.

Needless to say after patch tomfoolery tomorrow, we’re back in there for moar Extreme Grindage!

[EDIT: Yes, I KNOW. ^^ It’s changed now, okay?]

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