First order of business: Race Changes.

To fulfil my desire to own one of every type of Alliance Hunter, the L50 Dwarf Hunter bank alt will be retired from her permanent role in STV, will transform to a Human and will be levelled ‘at some point’. A L1 male Gnome replacement has already been sent to IF in anticipation. As already announced my L80 Draenai Priest will be undergoing some major surgery and will emerge a lot smaller but a fair deal cuter as a Gnome.

I have heirlooms standing by to level another Gnome through the new starting content. Current indications show this may well be a second priest to take advantage of the LFG system, but it could equally be a mage or a warlock depending on how I feel on Wednesday.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Tauren Druid to push through Azeroth one last time for World Explorer…

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