Long night last night, but SO worth it. One achievement away from my Rusted Proto Drake. More importantly though, and this can’t be stated enough, I’m one boss away from finally finishing ALL the content [*] in Wrath, before the next Expansion launches.

Highlight of last night? Undoubtedly getting Firefighter in perhaps THE maddest fight I’ve taken part in for quite some time. I take my hat off to ANYONE who did that when it was a) relevant b) not nerfed by gear and talent increases coz frankly it’s still utterly insane.

Deaths by standing in fire = Still 0.

Today will be punctuated by bouts of panicking. MUST REMEMBER TO MOVE PEOPLE OUT OF DALARAN. I also suspect I’ll log on and find the seasonal bosses permanently on as last night they stayed about for close to 90 minutes and they remained, even as the the elementals spawned and despawned ^^ Gotta love borked events…

[*] Just don’t mention Halion, ok? ^^

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