Today, I took a chance on a smelly crate and came up a winner.

The Crate of Tasty Meat costs two of the new Chef’s Awards that are available in SW from the daily Cookery Quest giver Bario Matalli. My first thought, when looking at the selection of recipes available was to stockpile the awards and save for a selection come Cataclysm. Having seen inside this crate however, I have a slightly different plan.

You’ll find inside a number of very useful items for preparing-to-level Cookery, including the following:

Delicate Wing
Toughened Flesh
Blood Shrimp
Crocolisk Tail
Dragon Flank
Snake Eye
Giant Turtle Tongue
Monstrous Claw

all of which are a requirement of one or several post 450 recipes. The great thing about this crate is that you don’t need to have a maxxed cookery skill to buy it, you just need to earn two Chef’s Rewards. So, I have set the alts to work: P will be saving her tokens from now on for recipes, whilst everyone else will be buying the crates every two days and stockpiling their contents. That’s 66 tokens [*], which means a massive 33 crates. That should give me summat to start with :D

The added advantage to doing the Cookery Daily currently that it overlaps with the Fishing Daily, and both give a +1 to the skill which although it’s not a lot, it’s better than nothing. The rewards from the Fishing have so far been a bit disappointing, but it’s early days. Who knows what my Bag of Shiny Things might contain?

[*] 11 toons are eligible for both quests on the Alliance side, which includes 2 bankalts ^^ Gives them summat to do!

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