My Achievement Generator thingie is broken, and so is the Armoury: needless to say this evening I hit 45 Exalted Reputations by knocking Gilneas off my list. I earnt enough JP to make a pair of boots for the secondary hunter with the proceeds: you earn rep in ANY dungeon. That’s sub 60’s, TBC’s or Heroic 80’s (clearly the last takes the quickest) plus the various Gilneas questgivers scattered across the world. I earnt 250 Gilneas, for instance, by catching 4 Darkshore Grouper. If you want the new faction to Exalted, it’s easily doable.

The weekend will be ramping up the Cookery/Fishing daily production line, more cash generation, a much-needed Bank clearout and more low-level quest grindage. Wetlands is almost done: next step Arathi and then onto the Badlands. I’ve been snapping on the way, and especially for one reader I show you the lapdancing club I found in the Swamp of Sorrows. BOY, have things changed… ^^

Goblin Girls do it on the table…

Gammerita in the Hinterland’s is no longer 40-summat, but seems to have been eating well…

It’s HUGE!!!!

I found myself doing some fishing in what remains of Loch Moden too, to have the willies scared out of me by a giant Loch Moden Monster swimming past. As a result, I felt duty-bound to kiel him…

Sorry, but I just HAD to…

What I’m loving so much about what’s changed is the clear thought that’s been put into making what was previously a monotonous process more interesting, engaging and ultimately fun to do. Plus, as MMO Champion pointed out in their latest episode, all this is effectively free. Hats off to Blizzard for raising the level yet again.

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