Today has been all about the shiny.

WTB Expansion. NOW.

If I even needed an appetite wetter for next week, this view does it all. Uldum looks staggeringly beautiful, even in a sandstorm, and I find myself realising just how excited I am for the Expansion. Seven days. Bloody hell.

I’m constantly discovering new and amazing stuff in the Old World. Today will be continuing in Arathi and then onto the Badlands with P, whilst the family cycles through the rounds of SW dailies. Whilst looking for confectioner’s sugar yesterday I happened upon a new bag vendor in SW:

These are all the minimum size ‘speciality’ bags, like the ones you could initially buy in Outland at TBC launch, branded (I suspect) with the RP community in mind at least. The Enchanting Evening Purse especially caught my eye: it’s great to think someone at Blizzard took the time to think about every single aspect of the game like this. I for one am grateful. I mean, look at how much effort goes into the vanity pets:

I can haz Moonkin. I also have the Lil’ Ragnaros. Note to potential buyers: Ragnaros also doubles as a cooking fire. I will, oh yes…

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