Officially less than a week to go now, folks. Time to start doing some serious contemplation. Step #1: Preparation for Leveling, which means making the final decision on who goes out first.

Nothing like a cheap graphic to make summat look important!

W, P and N will be leading my primary attack on the new lands of Azeroth. I’ll be sending P out first to Hyjal, and W shortly afterwards to Vashj’ir. N will be available for early instance healing and general tomfoolery, and as my first tier Enchanter is looking forward to the large number of green items she’ll be able to shard and dust. I will also be sending M the Rogue into the new areas for herbing and mining, and I hope she can gain XP solely based on gathering.

Here’s my checklist for initial readiness…

1. Bags Clear, Bags Suitable.

20 slot bags, at this stage, are pretty much a must. Most of my team are also packing at least some 22’s but it’s not essential, what is more important is their emptiness. If you’ve not done so already, it’s high time you had a clearout. You’ll want as many slots as you can free for anything useful that might drop on your travels: remember, even grey items are going to be worth more cash to sell. Cash is King at the start of any expansion, so optimise your money-creation ability early.

P will be taking her leather bag with her too. I’ve told you a great many times how useful profession-specific bags can be, but it does mean you need to be very good at keeping your other containers clean, because you’re effectively swapping a 20/22/24 slot space that will carry anything for a bigger space to carry only specific items. I’m hoping Volatiles stack in a leather bag :D

2. Food for the Journey.

This is the time to use up all the old Wrath flasks, food and potions you might have clogging up your bankspace. They’ll be useless in a couple of months anyway, and a smart traveller will be looking to upgrading all their food and drink options asap. Use what you have left as a way to speed up your levelling experience, and make sure you remember a supply of health/mana potions (if you need the blue stuff) If you’ve been hiding in a well the last six months, you may not have heard that Cataclysm five mans are a bit more of a challenge than the Wrath ones were. Nothing like being prepared, anf you may as well use what you already have rather than spending a load of cash on new stuff.

3. Clear that Questlog!

The Force has a plan for going into Cataclysm, which I’ll be detailing in a separate post tomorrow. To do this they’re all going to need clear quest logs, so it’s time to go hand in everything low level you’ve left festering or finally delete the quests you know you won’t get around to doing before next week. It’s a good way to draw a line under your Wrath experience. Needless to say, with the Low Level Quest Finder and the Achievements window it’s pretty easy to go back and pick quests up again at a later date. If you’re bored in six months it’ll make a nice change than being owned in Five Man Heroics ^^

4. If you can Maxx, Do So!

We’ll be getting and entire new secondary profession to worry about next week (more on that too later in the week). As a result you don’t want to be fretting about your cookery or first aid skill. My husband’s spent a very amusing couple of days desperately trying to maxx Cookery after managing 1-300 during Pilgrim’s Bounty on his Secondary Tank. If you are still short on points you’ll find this is probably a good time to finish these off. Cloth’s pretty cheap on our AH currently (and there’s an achievement for bandage making to boot) and the high end food buffs will benefit you as has been previously mentioned. If you want to get your fishing skill up a bit too you could do a  lot worse than make a bunch of Fish Feasts and make fellow dungeoneers happy by dropping one in your first Cataclysm Dungeon. Fish Feasts help you make friends. Trufact!

If you’re covered on all that, congratulations! I’m STILL not set on at least one for the Force, so if you’ll excuse me it’s time to set that straight (assuming maintenance hasn’t been extended) before we move on to the issue of what we actually do with Experience before the Expansion hits…

2 thoughts on “Cataclysm Checklist :: Part 1

  1. “Needless to say, with the Low Level Quest Finder and the Achievements window it's pretty easy to go back and pick quests up again at a later date.”

    Although a caveat to that is if Blizzard changes the quest after you've dropped it. Which is why E has the Hand of A'dal title and I don't. :-)


  2. Good stuff!

    It is always good to have a plan, although we also know that no battle plan survives contact with the enemy…

    On the profession prep front, it is also an idea for peeps to have items that boost skill level to allow gathering higher level Cata mats (e.g. fishiung lures, herbalist gloves etc.).

    Will be up at midnight on the 7th: Can't wait!!


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