Yes, Chests are BACK.

Of course, in a lot of the Old World they never went away. Cheese was the best you could normally expect to find if someone had plundered before you… however, since The Shattering things seem to have noticeably improved. This baby is a Silken Treasure Chest, and I’ve been lucky enough to find three of these in my questing spree with P. They seem to be in the 40+ zones of the (New) Old World, and seem to guarantee a blue quality item plus gold on opening, plus (if I am to believe Wowhead) XP on looting. I’m kinda hoping these fellas might appear in the new zones too…

I’ve made over 100g thus far selling the contents of these babies. Long live the new chests!

The old-style treasure receptacles also seem to be about, but are now renamed as Silverbound Treasure Chests. Ironically at present no-one is able to open these, regardless of level or location. Rumours are you could need a key to crack them but my money is on these chests being related in some way to the new Archaeology profession.

More news as (and when) we find it!

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