Happiness is a Full Quest Log… :D

This time around when the XP bar is reset for all L80’s, there’ll  be no rested bonus to benefit from. As a result it’s probably a good idea to look for better ways grabbing an early experience boost. In Part 2 of our Cataclysm Preparation Guide well be looking at ways to maximise your 80’s start into the new zones.

1. Time to Fill your Quest Log!

Normally an expansion is the time to clear out all the completed items in your Log. I’d argue that this time around you might be better off keeping some of those until Tuesday… and adding to the total. I’ve decided to do 20/25 quests on the Alt Family (allowing a bit of wiggle room to do the Daily Cookery and Fishing and continue to stockpile mats) for a concerted turn in, whether that be 11.01pm Tuesday night or at some point in the next few months. The combination of quests really doesn’t matter: I’ve taken all the Dailies at the Citadel above on the Lock, but I don’t have other Icecrown dailies available to me because I’ve not finished the zone, so instead I’ve done a combination of ‘normal’ quests, topped up with my daily JC-ing, Fishing and Cookery in Dalaran (which award slightly less XP but make for a more central drop off run when the time comes)

Keeping all your quests together should make hand in a doddle!

On Beta Server estimates, you could make up to 30% of a level handing in ‘old’ quests in this manner. If you have the time to do this before Tuesday I’d give it some serious consideration.

2. Don’t Forget your JP’s!

Once Cataclysm hits, your 4000 Justice Point cap should be raised. Sadly, if you’re over 4000 on Tuesday/Wednesday you’ll have your points total converted to gold, so if you’re sitting on a load of points since the currency changed, time to spend them now. If you have the time to run some Heroics the closer you can get to the cap, which means you’re in a better position to buy new shiny stuffs. I know you’re already busy, but it’s something to consider if you’re at a loss for summat to do…

3. Pick your Starting Zone!

You have a choice of two areas to visit: Hyjal or Vashj’ir. The former has 115 quests, the latter has 160. There’ll be ‘breadcrumb’ quests to send you to both zones in Stormwind, so it might be an idea to set your HS there and log out the night before in Dalaran so you can be ready to hand in your piles of quests. As I know you’ll have gone through Part One of the checklist and will have clear bags, food buffs and will be generally raring to go, there’s not much else to worry about… is there?

4. Don’t Go Mad!

Unless you have a) taken a week off work or b) have no-one else who will be relying on you being capable, it’s probably not a great idea playing all night Tuesday to Wednesday. I say that but I know several people who are eyeing the ‘First to 85’ title not only on my server but in my Guild. Needless to say, this content’s not going anywhere, and you’re likely to enjoy it far more if you don’t do it all as quickly as possible to get back to endgame. Take your time! Having spent all this time preparing to quest, it seems only right you should enjoy the experience…

There are still some loose ends that need covering: Crafting, Enchants and Gems are three that spring to mind. We’ll discuss those in the next part of the Guide.

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