The treasure you require is over there…

It was going to happen. After a slew of late nights and mass grinding, I got the lurgi that’s been going around (via School, as these things normally are) and spent all of Saturday in bed. It was glorious. Whether this indicates a sea change in my mind or simply expansion fatigue… either way, I refuse to get obsessed this time.

Having five less levels to grind is, if truth be told, a bit of a disappointment. What it does mean however is that I now don’t have to worry about being quick to level, coz there are plenty of other people doing that perfectly well. The Guild scored it’s first Heroic Achievement without me tonight and I’m secretly rather pleased, because I’m still faffing around at 84 doing fishing and levelling professions (JC-ing, yet again, is going to be an utter PIG) and in no real hurry to max out. There’s too much else to do first.

My first priority when I get to 85 (as I’ve been levelling with The Wonder Pally) will NOT to be to throw myself headlong into a gearing curve, but to level Archaeology. Despite all the complaints I’ve heard I really enjoy the ‘grind’ of sites and I’m determined to max it over the Christmas period, just because I can. I’d also like to max my fishing and cookery skills as I suspect it may be some time before I can do the same with Leatherworking. Then we can think about getting the other two members of the Expeditionary Force out and about…

Oh yes, and I made my Worgen. More on that next week.

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