Time to go out gathering again, then…

W the Lock, still a lowly L80, has the first maxxed profession of the family.

Thinking about it, Alchemy would be the skill I’d first want to have at 525 as soon as I could. This means I have a selection of flasks for raiding and heroics, gem transmutes for raw materials but most importantly of all in crafting terms I have access to Truegold. It’s on the one day cooldown of course, and shares the same CD as the Living Elements Transmute (but usefully does not with the blue quality gem recipes, which will be rather important with the changes to Jewelcrafting) but with my Transmute Mastery giving some decent and consistent results since the Expansion I’m quietly hoping for some luck. The materials are all lined up in the bank… roll on 11pm :D

W’s Jewelcrafting is crawling along by comparison, but yesterday came the all important 475 which opens up the JC Daily and the ability to prospect Elementium. As a result I’ll be making sure she does the daily religiously even if she’s not yet out questing for a stock of JC awards. By the same token N the Priest’s Enchanting skill now allows her to DE just about anything I can throw at her, and her Inscription’s close to 510, thanks to the wonder that is the Forged Documents recipe. However I won’t be making any significant progress with her until a) I can get her to L84 and b) she does the first round of quests to open up Professions Island in the Twilight Highlands. I appreciate why Blizzard have done this, but I’m pretty certain things will change in terms of which recipes are available where. If it’s possible to maxx at least one tradeskill without leaving Stormwind, it ought to be feasible to do them all. I’ll put money we’ll see the recipe for the Runed Elementium Rod pop up somewhere else, or at least they’ll be a restructuring of the recipe requirements that demand you have one to skill.

Ironically P has arrived in the Twilight Highlands, and foolishly bought three recipes before she realised they require L85 to learn ^^ Needless to say I reckon I’ll get there sometime on Wednesday. Last night’s new instance was Grim Batol, where I managed my first bit of L333 gear. Have to say, not a fan of the bombing run: I reckon this instance could become the new Oculus…

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