Give your gifts this year via Crane, it’s awesome!

I had hoped that because the entire world had been remodelled Blizzard might have redone the Festive stuff this year but alas it’s pretty much business as usual. It was this time last year I wrote a letter to Santa (and got a mention in WoW Insider) plus an entire boatload of grief from people who couldn’t take a joke. This year one assumes that everyone’s too busy knocking off new content to argue.

With 10 days of the new Expansion under my belt I did my first Heroic last night, and it was as hard as everyone has said it would be. In a year, when we all outgear these places I’m sure there will be some chuckling about Just How Hard it was to do the third boss in the Lost City of the Tol’vir, but for now it was three wipes to down him. Last night felt like doing a mini-10 man, if truth be told, and if that’s what Blizzard were planning with these new difficulty curves then I reckon they’ve got it spot on. Needless to say, I’ll not be going near LFG for a while. Random Gomer from Server X pulling mobs in these places is not summat I look forward to.

However I don’t agree that Heroics are Broken. As a poster says early on, enjoy the difficulty because it will be faceroll after the next major patch.

Have a family weekend planned so I’ll be away from the game until Monday, when I return I think it’s high time we had an overview of where we are and what the plans are for the Festive Period. Have a great weekend guys, and keep working on that reputation!

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