As seems to have been traditional over previous Christmas breaks, I’ve not been well :( The flu/cold I had which stretched across the entire Holiday period appears to be receding, but the feeling I’ve had niggling in the back of my head the entire time remains, and refuses to leave.

Playing this game well suddenly became a lot harder than I remember.

The only levelling anyone other than P has done thus far has come via daily quests or gathering. Nobody else has been looked at in any detail, I’ve spent my entire time getting P to a level where a) I can actually do a rotation without looking stupid and b) I’m geared to a level which I consider acceptable as a basis for 10 man raiding. On any given day over the last two weeks only one of these two conditions was ever met.

Yesterday I replaced my last item of pre-Heroic gear (which handily co-incided with me obtaining the Cataclysm Dungeon Hero) and I find myself thinking that actually my paper doll’s looking okay. Not great, you understand, but if I’m going to inspire people as GM in a couple of weeks to go and do 10 mans I can hardly be faffing about with sub-standard items and a sloppy rotation. As I took the plunge and specced Survival I’ve been top of DPS meters on many occasions. I KNOW this means I’ll be nerfbatted very soon as well. T’was ever thus.

As is traditional at this point it’s a moment to look forward, to decide where I’ll be going this year with the game. However at this point I’m really not certain where I’ll be going, or what the next twelve months will bring because I’m still not sure what Cataclysm means for me and the family. Even the Professions have been streamlined to fit in with my needs in preparing P: two Alchemists are now almost at max because the Druid has the Flask specialisation and frankly if I’m making them with the mats needed I’ll be demanding proccs. Dealing with one character is about as much as I can comfortably cope with for now. There’s too many other things still in flux to work on everyone else properly.

Part of me’s not sure I want to either. That’s probably the biggest change of all, mostly because I’ve realised just how much work is involved to pull everyone to a level I’d be happy with. The perfectionist in me is struggling with one right now. How the Hell am I supposed to cope with ten?

What is clear however is that if you want to succeed in Heroics you’d better bloody well come prepared, be ready to work hard and not expect ANYONE to carry you, because if you do you’ll be on a hiding to nothing. I expect nothing less from 10 Man either, and it’s still going to take a lot of work to get me prepared.

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