It is fair to say, in my limited experience as a Survival Hunter, that I’m doing a healthy amount of damage in Heroics. This is of course a Good Thing [TM] but it makes me nervous. Why, I hear you cry? Surely you should be revelling in the fact you’re doing a good job? Ah, but the thing is you see, as soon as I start topping damage meters I KNOW that something’s wrong. Traditionally, over the last five years or so, me being top dps means one of two things: either the other guys really didn’t turn up and make an effort or I’m shortly about to be nerfed. To the ground, baby. In this case, it’s looking pretty much like the latter is true. Getting a namecheck in a Mr G. Crawler Blue post = Nerfbat of DOOM.

Last night I did a 10 Man Tol Barad with a selection of what I consider to be some of the best dps-ers in the Guild pre-Cataclysm. When the Pit Lord finally toppled, I couldn’t help but steal a glance at the meters.

14528 dps? Okay, so it’s a largely static fight but still… where’s the damage coming from? The biggest single component is from Explosive Shot being fired as a priority as soon as it comes off both it’s and the GCD. Spamming one shot is not how Blizzard likes us to play the game, and although there are other components to the ‘rotation’ I now use it has to be said the ES (plus one Serpent Sting and Cobra Shot to renew focus) is pretty much is where it’s at. As a result, I’d expect to see a reduction in it’s total damage of about 10% when we’re finally concussed with the nerfbat patched sometime next month.

Until then, I intend to fully enjoy my brief period of Total Superiority over all who oppose me, and I promise I won’t let all this great power go to my head, honest guv. Things have vastly improved in the world of Class Balance over the years, and I think anyone who automatically expects Blizzard to leave one class noticeably ahead in damage while everyone else struggles to keep up is on a hiding to nothing. It’s never been about who’s the best in this game, it’s us working AS A TEAM that makes it all work so well.

I will be enjoying the moment while it lasts however. Ho yus.

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