As should be obvious to those who have noticed a change to my background wallpaper for the Blog, I am a great fan of Uldum. I just finished the quests there this week and frankly it could not be any more awesome if it tried. I’m aware that the zone has a fair number of haters (queue to the left, please) but really, what’s not to like about sand and ancient relics? I’m giving serious consideration to moving there once I have the Iron Chef achievement completed on P.

Last night, after a very satisfying Shadowfang Keep Heroic run (note achievement) I finally dinged exalted with Ramkahen. There was nothing left to do but head South and buy myself a new mount.

To hell with Dragons, this is officially my Favourite Mount EVAH. Expect to see me sitting outside the Bank in the Dwarven District on this baby for a long time to come…

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