Confucius he say: “a promise easily made is hard to keep”.

I say: if you’re going to reduce dps surely it’s more logical to do it by a sensible percentage first and then in increments afterwards, as opposed to slicing a bloody great wodge of damage off to start with? What surprises me most is the reversion of the Serpent Spread thwack, unless of course it’s being affected by this haste bug thingy. Needless to say, this is clearly a work in progress. However, looking at the ‘enhancements’ to Marks in the works, it might yet be that we reach the nirvana where I can have two distinct specs and use both of them depending on the situation I find myself in. That, I think, would be my ideal solution, and to a certain extent it’s already happening with my Marks Spec giving a vital interrupt in the Ashbury fight in SFK Heroic.

Aside from the Giant Bat’o’DOOM issues, respect is due to my Guild for last night achieving Critter Kill Squad and subsequently crashing our server with their awesomeness. I look forward to achieving Exalted with my homies and picking up the Armadillo:


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