I have been discussing for a while with those in my Guild who have embraced the Archaeological profession for whatever reason (raiding Epics, relaxation, alternative to questing and all points in between) the issue of motivation once you know you’ve grabbed all the good loot from a particular ‘race’ tree. Fossils are a great example of this: there’s two rares (the mount and the pet) and once you have those, frankly, what is the motivation to keep digging? At least one Guildie I know has been stockpiling fragments for the day when new stuff arrives (*) but I come today with news of a better alternative: there are some changes detailed on MMO-Champion today which suggest that the prices of certain finds are about to rocket in price. The Skellie I’m currently working on for instance is set to double in value, but there’s at least one item (the Word of Empress Zoe) which will sell for a massive 1000g come the new patch. Typical, I sold my first one on Saturday…

I’d hoped we’d see the addition of items out of the various containers in game that perhaps would have a sale value (patterns for instance or perhaps gems) but this solution to the ‘why should I keep digging?’ question is quicker, dirtier and frankly a tad scandalous. I am reminded for some reason of the Darkmoon Fortune Cards (which I know many people consider as close to gambling in this game as we’ve ever been) and have visions of people ignoring all other sites simply to go for the Dwarven ones: there’s no maximum skill needed to unearth the 1000g common, you just have to hope for the luck of the draw. I’ve only seen it once since I started digging (Item #98 in my Diggerest achievement) so I doubt I’ll be that lucky but as a way to ‘reward’ people for keeping up the dirt shovelling quotient… it’s bound to be a winner. Nothing motivates people better in this game than the smell of gold, after all.

For those of you doing this for enjoyment however, you may wish to keep track of which items you make which will be useful to keep for ‘disposal’ come the new patch. MMO’s list therefore is likely to become an invaluable companion in your travels. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

(*) The number of fragments you will be able to store at any one time is, I believe, going to drop to 200 come the patch. I’ll need to go and confirm this…

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