It’s Sunday, which means it’s another day stuck at 19 Rare Discoveries in Archaeology. I’ve done very little else since Wednesday except dig and fly, and apart from a moment of utter AARRRGGGGHHHH on Saturday it’s been a pretty even process. I’m used to long grinds, after all, this is not a new phenomena, but this time around I find myself thinking what Blizzard could improve to make this less of a brain-numbing experience. There has, of course, got to be a way to make sure that you don’t get all the items instantly, and with the introduction of the new pricing there is some financial incentive for progress. However, there is very little in the craft for certain classes (if you’re a caster you’re rather well covered, for instance… but not so much for your agility users). What can Blizzard do to cover the shortfall? I’ve had a lot of time to think about this as I’ve been flying around, so here’s a few of my suggestions:

  • Certain items, when solved, could be combined to form ‘Tokens’ which can be handed into a vendor in exchange for other items. Maybe this would be an alternative method of buying BoA heirlooms? This would also help those who are relatively new to the game without various alts to fall back on.
  • The various vials and container solved could have a chance of containing recipes/patterns specific to crafters. These could make ‘flavour’ items like the Winter Boots/Dress Shoes.. Maybe we could find some ancient recipes? Alternatively (as the solves in Archaeology are gated to skill and area) they could contain quest starters like the Waterlogged Recipe or the Vial of Poison that turned up in the Daily Fishing Bag in Dalaran.
  • Sticking a iLevel 359 Wand in the Solves list would, on reflection, have made a lot more people do this initial grind. Archaeology I hope will, as we move on through content, offer relevant items that match the current maximum gear level. If a wand were to appear next major content patch, for instance, I can guarantee a MASSIVE increase in interest towards the profession…

I wonder, how long digging will it be before #20 Rare finally pops up? We’re at T + 48 hours and counting…

2 thoughts on “The Lonliness of the Long-Distance Grinder.

  1. Latest PTR notes show that fishing is to be buffed with a chance to drop rare fishing poles in the bag reward from the Stormwind and Orgrimmar dailies.

    Hope perhaps that archaeology could also be buffed in future to make it more relevant to some classes and to keep it attractive as we progress through the Cata tiers…


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