I will mostly NOT be levelling an alt(s). This is not further procrastination on my part, I should add, rather a desire to finish off some stuff on P I wanted to do pre-Cataclysm but never got around to. In no particular order:

  • Get Exalted with the Frenzyheart Tribe. I’m just into Revered, and by my calculations it should take ten days to get there. Hooray for the Guild perks regarding increased XP for quest turn ins… \o/
  • Get my Guild Reputation to Exalted. I can’t be GM without knocking that off asap, so that means a bunch of Dailies (even the Valentines ones give Guild rep) and an excuse to do the Crown Chemical boss every time he resets. No love in the Heart Shaped Box though :(

I do have another objective, but for now that’s Top Sekrit (or at least until I have what I need to complete it in one hit) so until I’m ready to sort that out, here’s a picture of me on my rocket (not Love, boo) in lieu of any more actual content. Enjoy!

Not!Love Rocket :(

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