This morning, I went back to Icecrown with P.

One Multishot will own them all… :D

As I’ve spent the last few days travelling to Sholazar Basin [*] to do the Frenzyheart Reputation grind, I have found myself speculating on how long it would take now for me to solo all of the Tournament Dailies (Answer: about 20 minutes, but more on that in a second.) As I flew over the zone on my way I spied the large packs of Converted Heroes around the Citadel and realised, perhaps a little later than everyone else, that these mobs are probably the most rewarding to farm for Lovely Charms should you be doing any Love is In the Air gubbins at 85. They’re a breeze to wipe out, grant XP at 85 (and therefore generate Charms) and have a decent respawn rate. I collected 40 charms with not too much effort, and as the price of Frostweave Cloth on my server is currently 30g a stack…

The Tournament Grounds were, unsurprisingly, pretty much deserted on my arrival. I’d come back with two goals in mind, both related. I wanted to see how long it would take to do a full sweep as I had a fair few Champion’s Seals left in my Currency tab: the Tournament pets are a pretty much guaranteed sale on the AH and at 40 seals each it might well be worth swinging past this way from time to time. The biggest issue always used to be the three Commanders at the Citadel but at 85 and equipped with Leet Jousing Skills [TM] they took less than a minute each to finish off. These dailies also give cash and Guild rep (though less than doing an 85 equivalent repeatable) so all in all it could be a decent way of racking up an easy four figure sum, assuming of course the pet I bought and put on the AH sells. We will see, and if it does sell I reckon I’ll be popping back to Northrend a couple of times a week…

This could also make revisiting with the alts once levelled to 85 a decent plan, especially with the few that aren’t yet Exalted with all the home factions, allowing them to utilise the Seals as yet another income stream. Fingers crossed my fluffy Elwynn Lamb can find a happy new home in the next 48 hours…

[*] Pro Tip for travelling from SW to Sholazar at 85: Portal from SW’s Eastern Earthshrine to Uldum, fly north to the Waygate in Un’goro Crater and use the Teleport there which you discover whilst doing the Sholazar quests. Saves a heap of time waiting for boats and general faffing about! Requires Flying Mount. WARNING: Failure to discover Uldum or to complete Into the Basin may make this option infeasible…

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