Was it worth keeping all that junk in my bags for Patch Day? I think so!

They’ve fixed the Spiders in Tol Barad, and the Foxes too, so as I found myself able to log in early this morning I decided to go make the most of this piece of knowledge ahead of everyone else and clean up (literally and metaphorically) All of the 280 or so bits of Savage Leather I was able to recycle in the 30 minutes I was in the zone sold within moments of them being stuck on the AH. So what if I was 40g cheaper than the next person? I’m not greedy, I’m just here to fuel a burgeoning alt and vanity pet habit. There will be pet purchase today, oh yes.

Needless to say, from what little faffing I’ve done on the Hunter spec front, I reckon Marks could be back. If I can do as much dps with a L84 pet as I was doing with not too much effort in Survival, it could well be time to swap back to my Primary spec. More news as we get it…

Oh, and the Guild hit L15 just after lunch. Go us!

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