Today was not a Good Day.

I was tired and slow, and was about to take an early night when someone in my Guild whispered me with a simple question: would I like to do some Arena? The last time I’d played a match was over eighteen months ago: I’d not touched PvP since the expansion hit. I’d said on our Guild website I’d love to do some rated BG’s but Arena was something I’d not even considered. Would I be a fool to say yes?

It appears not.

I wasn’t awful, far from it, and of the eleven games we played in our 3 v 3 (paladin, rogue, marks hunter) we won five. Not only did I get two achievements to boot but a decent haul of Conquest points to spent, which I did with some speed (epic neck) before nipping off in a burst of post-PvP adrenaline to make a load of crafted gear to supplement my meagre haul of existing items (epic legs from Baradin Hold, wrists I bought when I couldn’t get some 333 PvE ones to drop) 2700 plus honor points also means I can grab a set item (hat I think) that will stack with my epic Gladiator legs and give a 400 resilience boost.

I reckon I’ll be doing some Battlegrounds tomorrow…

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