Happiness is a bag full of containers… :D

Regular readers will be aware of my fishing love. Having started in Vanilla, I am well aware of the benefits to be reaped from the use of rod and line. With the advent of Cataclysm, Fishing’s taken a bit of a backwards step however: gone are the days of Dalaran dailies with exotic rewards and special fishing buffs. Instead we have a daily quest that covers 1-85 with as much excitement attached as a wet Longjaw Mud Snapper. Putting the Turtle Mount into the new content’s fishing pools isn’t going to cover up the fact that
Fishing’s returned to being very much a Secondary Profession. The one bright spot however can be found in Tol Barad (the new money-making capitol of your server) in the form of the Sealed Crate.

A quick look at the Wowhead link for the crate’s contents reveals a positive treasure trove of goodies on offer: ore, leather, herbs, volatiles and even healing and mana potions. With up to a full stack of Embersilk and eight Heavy Savage Leather possible from a single box, you really should be seeking these out and hauling them in whenever you spy Shipwreck Debris around the Peninsula. Fishing these will count towards the That’s a Lot of Bait achievement for your Guild (as they come from pools) and you’ll also have a chance to pull up Azshara’s Veil or Volatile Water from the pools in place of a box ‘o’ goodies. Be warned however, you’ll only get a maximum of two successful casts per pool, but the respawn rate is high enough for you to keep grabbing them in a decent timeframe. The above bag represents sixty minutes work in Tol Barad this morning. As to the spoils… well, all in all, not bad at all:

If you’re questing in TB and you have a fishing skill, remember you’re guaranteed to catch something if you fish in a pool, regardless of skill. If you pass a patch of Shipwreck Debris, you’d be a fool to keep going. After all, you never know what might be hiding inside!

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