In the first of an occasional series, The Godmother shares some of the secrets that keep her bank balance healthy and her interests liquid, as she makes money in Warcraft without the use of anyone else’s fancy-shmancy guides. Today’s suggestion does however require some help from the Blizzard Server Hamsters


Last night, something broke on the EU servers. It could have been the hamsters, some over-zealous Maintenance Monkey might have pulled a plug early… we will never know. However at about 8pm UK I was unceremoniously dumped from the game. My husband however remained, and watched as Guildie after Guildie succumbed to ridiculous lagspikes and eventual disconnection. All the while he continued his Shaman alt’s levelling, oblivious to the fact that he was about to find himself in the most envious of situations: unless your Guild’s a vanity affair or has less than 100 members it is VERY unlikely you will ever find yourself alone at peak times. If you do, the LAST thing you’ll want to do is be levelling…

You need to be farming.

The only other time that farming for raw materials is ever as good as this is in the first 30-60 minutes after a weekly server reset. If you’re lucky and arrive to find your home’s been booted up ahead of time then you can guarantee that the one thing that everyone else is doing having logged on is plundering Azeroth’s raw materials:  herbing, ore, fishing… even grinding mobs, if you’re alone (in relative terms) anything you do will be easier. However in the case of a server issue, when you know that people can’t get online and you’re already there, it’s gotta be gathering all the way. Of course this does hinge on one key fact, that you have a gatherer online at the time, because the last thing you want to do is have to switch characters and find you can’t get back in. Last night, my husband was in that enviable position. It was time to let him in on the secret.

You need to be ready to sell immediately.

My Husband’s Shaman is a Herbalist/Alchemist, and last night I laid it on the line for him in very simple terms: forget doing quests, get yourself to somewhere where you can gather herbs and do that until a) you get bored or b) your arms fall off. If there’s less than five people in the zone you go you’re quids in, if not go move to a zone where that’s the case. As an Alchemist there’s the bonus of additional amounts of gold to be made via a) potion production, b) transmuting the Volatile Life you’ll pick up while herbing and c) simply picking the herbs off the ground and sticking them on the AH. The key factor in all of this, the one factor that you can’t underestimate enough, is TIME. All the people who would have been selling, who would have gathered while you are doing quests, they’re all swearing at the login screens on their computers or have given up and are playing on the XBox 360 instead, but they’ll all be back tomorrow and if you can replace all the stuff they would have farmed with your stuff, then you’re going to be quids in. Don’t stockpile stuff for your own use later, it’s just not worth the use of the precious time you have.

You need to do some market research.

This does not mean talking to 100 Gnomes. It requires five mins at the AH with a good old fashioned pencil and paper. It should involve you selling stacks at below the current market average, because if you’re the only one who’s gathered all night supply will briefly dip and the amount of raw material available will be temporarily diminished. Don’t be greedy and know what’s selling. My husband gathered Whiptail and Twilight Jasmine along with Cinderbloom from Uldum and the Twilight Highlands and converted them into flasks, Mythical Healing Potions as well as selling stacks. he took 15 Volatile Life in Uldum and converted it to Air (top seller) and put those up as well. Needless to say on logging in this morning before going to work he was considerably richer than he was the night before.

Of course, if you don’t have a gatherer available in this situation, but you do have a bit of spare cash knocking about, this is also a very good time to do some AH speculation. You could buy up the cheapest stacks of raw materials and relist them to make yourself a profit. You could check for cheap armour, vanity pets, even enchants but if you go this route I’d suggest a decent auction house addon to start with. You could farm mobs in high turnover areas for volatiles too, safe in the knowledge it’s unlikely a bunch of people will turn up and try and muscle in. If all else fails, you could go fishing in Tol Barad for Sealed Crates :D The key again is making the most of the time advantage over everyone else.

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