Doing 2k more than the #2 dpser = Priceless.

After the much-publicised hotfix ‘o’ DOOM this morning to Marks dps I felt it only right and proper to go and see just how bad things were going to be for my main spec. As you can see, on Algaloth at least, reports of it’s demise have been exaggerated. To make the most of things however I did hastily adopt a new rotation:

To 80% I alternated hard casts of Steady Shot with Aimed Shot whilst keeping a Serpent Sting ticking via Chimera. When we went below 80% I took the hardcast out of the rotation completely and simply waited for my Aimed Shot to proc via Ready, Set, Aim. So it was Steady all the way with Chimera refreshing Serpent when needed, and judicious use of my pet’s Call of the Wild ability with Rapid Fire (plus the wonder that is Readiness) made for a pretty decent showing. Oh and yes, I had a flask and a foodbuff on. I’d feel naked without them.

The fact that I’ve personally seen an increase in dps with this ‘nerf’ is in no small way a result of the quite massive buff Aspect of the Hawk has received across all three specs. This does mean however I’ll be stance dancing in a lot of fights whereas before I might have simply fought with Aspect of the Fox. No matter, in the Fel Firestorm phase of Algaloth I can move and keep a rotation going where (as was the case today in this PuG) I saw many people just running without trying to dps at all. I’m not bothered if it’s a net damage loss in the short term, if I can still keep hitting my target then it’s gotta be a good thing regardless.

I should probably take a look at glyphs as a result of this change, I wonder if it would be judicious to return to Rapid Fire…

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