1. I have a pet on PTR I didn’t get when it was released. The Warbot is the reward from the Mountain Dew Game Fuel promotion that happened in the Summer of 2009 which, if you were quick in the EU you could go to Battle.Net and claim a code for. The pets were removed for ‘contractual reasons’. Someone should tell this to the EU PTR server. I wonder if Loup found his French Guild… ^^

2. Tier 2 Heroics Gief Moar! ZG and ZA, when implemented, will reward double the number of Valor Points currently available for ‘normal’ Heroics. Money is the same, however. Is this Blizzard’s way of making them even more attractive than they undoubtedly will be come release?

3. Engineering on PvP realms could be a Bonus. Part of the STV questline requires you to follow a ‘trail’ into the forest. This trail is marked currently by smoke flares (of course this could simply be temporary) It does make me think that on PvP realms engineers could get creative and lay ‘alternate’ flare trails to lure members of both races to their doom in well-crafted ambushes… the possiblities are endless!

This ends today’s infodump from the PTR, stay tuned tomorrow as I see if I can find any sign of the promised changes in Coldarra, the Caverns of Time and beyond…

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