WARNING: Spoilers will be occuring in all posts marked with the PTR 4.1 header. You have been warned!

As soon as I logged to the PTR this morning (quiet /cheer as I discovered that both my characters and the two premades had copied) this new quest popped into my log. I had planned to pop to Hyjal first and see if there’s any changes yet around the Firelands area, but the game has other plans. I foresee a trip to STV in my future…

Security in Stormwind Harbor’s been pretty casual since Cataclysm started. First it’s mercenaries docking, and now the Trolls have turned up! This is Bwemba, and she’ll be the one who asks me to investigate the newly-resurgent Gurubashi threat, plus take a trip to Fort Livingston in STV for further instructions. I’ll see you there!

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