WARNING! Some of these Quests may not yet be complete…

Having never been lucky enough to Beta test a Warcraft expansion, I have no idea just how ‘not ready’ new content can potentially be when it gets thrown out to the masses to play with. Needless to say, having taken the new L85 STV Gurubashi Trolls questline as far as it can currently go in 45 minutes today, it’s apparent there’s some work to be done. Spawn times are horrendous, there’s little or no quest tracking active on the STV maps and the [PH] prefix is pretty much everywhere. Saying that, the new quests do a pretty decent job of re-introducing the Gurubashi to the region, where you’ll meet some familiar enemies plus some new ones to boot. If like Harrison Jones you’re not a fan of snakes, it’s going to get messy. Unless of course you’re a skinner, in which case on the first few days of the new patch at least, you could be making quite a lot of money… [*]

At least we know there’s GOING to be a reward… ^^

You’re sent to STV with a mission, to find an elusive fella called Ghaliri and to discover more about why the Gurubashi have suddenly made a reappearance into the area. When I came to the end of the line at the Explorer’s League camp in Southern STV I’d not only been munched by snakes but had a close encounter with a giant panther and an infeasibly large number of very angry trolls. I’d also been taken to the area behind ZG which, having flown across the area many times whilst levelling Archaeology, I found myself wondering when it would be used as a quest area. This makes me wonder that the other large, seemingly ‘waiting for something’ areas in game I’ve discovered while flying will be making an appearance… I should check out that large flat plateau near Hyjal…

The ‘introductory’ quests will come as no surprise to anyone who did the Twilight’s Hammer stuff pre-Cataclysm, should provide a decent amount of coin for your troubles and sets the scene for some major butt-kicking in ZG, when the instance is finally ready. Watch this space for updates…

[*] Assuming of course that they eventually give the snakes some loot and make them skinnable…

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