I have to say I’m feeling genuinely optimistic this morning. I think I have a plan.

… even Shatt seems full of life today…

I bit the bullet finally and I bought a Mammoth. I will freely admit it’s because of the vendors, and the increased amount of time I spend faffing in instances where I’d like to be able to vend without having to crawl back to a seller. The Guild Page did his best but… he’s not a patch on a Draenei with a turban. I was in Shatt this morning to pick up the Fishing Daily, which I no longer need to do as I FINALLY snagged Snarly’s Bucket. With Children’s Week fast approaching I can see a nice lump of vanity pets coming my way…

Looking forward, I have a decent plan for the time ahead. In no particular order:

  • P will be running Heroic Magisters Terrace and Sethekk Halls (as it appears a great many of my Guild do of late) in the hope that Rare Mounts (TM) will drop. Don’t hold your breath. As I’m only 10 tokens away from the Baradin’s Reins of the Spectral Steed I reckon that one will come a lot sooner… plus I’ll be filling in the blanks on the questing front across Azeroth. I’d like to see all those zone quest achievements complete.
  • W will be running those Heroics too, but for Lower City rep, followed by The Dark Portal event for the same. After that I have to go kill a bazillion ogres in Nagrand ^^
  • Hunter T, Worgan leveller is now at a very respectable 48 (note to self, stick her on the Cast List) and will continue to try and use rested until 85, where the plan is to drop her skinning, keep her herbalism and train her to become a Potion Master so I have one of each flavour of Alchemists and three transmutes to use.
  • No money shot this time, but M the Rogue is my third 85, dinging last night in a guild HoO (and FINALLY getting a set of 85 throwing knives \o/) She’s not done any quests, so priority for her will be tabards, opening up the route to tabards, Tol Barad and slowly accumulating gears. I’ve made a JC ring and the LW chest and belt thus far and am using Trugold transmutes to get an Elementium Shank for her main hand. She’s also dropped her herbalism (as T will be doing that for her soon) and is going to Engineer herself to a nice epic hat very soon (I hope…)

That should be more than enough to keep me going for the next few weeks, and beyond…

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