No Mount, but at least I got an Orb…

We are in the midst of Kid x 2 Easter Holidays, which is pretty much to blame for the interruption in regular transmission (plus the fact it’s been gorgeous weather here and not at all the time to be inside at a PC) but this does not mean there’s been a cessation in Warcraftage, unlike the rest of the World who appear to have taken a hiatus. The last ten days or so have been abut faffing with my Rogue, in the main, and the ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC task of levelling Engineering to a level where I can think about my Epic goggles. The amount of mining this has required is frankly appalling, the biggest single issue being the Khorium spawn rates, which suck like the Mother of All Sucky Things. Needless to say, I have after over a week, managed to complete the following Engineering accessories:

  • Zapthrottle Mote Extractor (prerequisite when doing anything in Northrend or Outland with current prices of crafting mats)
  • (What was Slow) Flying Mount
  • (What was Fast) Flying Mount (2 days work, sheesh!)
  • Portable Mailboxyloads
  • Jeeves (which required farming of all the lower level repair bot schematics I didn’t own and was more work than I’d expected)

I’ve also managed to raise my Rogue’s iLevel from 333 to 338, but it’s still a long way from the ideal 345 I’d like in anticipation of 4.1 (which smart money says will probably drop next week) Needless to say I’ll get there eventually. I’ve spent the best part of the last 48 hours getting back the cash I spent on levelling via the medium of Admantite Ore and Volatile Air whilst restocking on Khorium Ore (because there is NO WAY I’m doing that grind again for a while) This has the added advantage of adding to the Mighty Miners Guild Achievement so I can justify my efforts as twofold.

As you can also see above P has been continuing on her Daily Circuit of Disappointment in SH and MgT Heroics and finally snagged an Orb of the Sin’dorei (one of the reasons I’ve been running Magister’s, I’ll be honest) My luck in such grinds is as you know woeful at best, but it’s a decent source of income via DE right now as Outland shards and dust have seen a resurgence in price. In the end, it all adds up, and my Inner Capitalist is more than satisfied with the daily income at present…

Normal Service should be resumed early next week, but for now it’s back to the Mothering Day Job…

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