Looks simple. No, it’s really not…

One of the things I’ve been working on across Easter, apart from perfecting the art of getting loads done in fifteen minute bursts, is attempting to polish off some of the more problematic Achievements on my list. Wintergrasp Veteran is one of those that if I had the time was well worth the effort, and I’ll say right now I’ve been having more fun doing Northrend PvP than I’m currently getting in Tol Barad. Of course no-one else is interested in lesser honor rewards or opening up a zone which only has quests twice a week… but hang on, that’s not actually true. There’s a few people like me, who want those 100 victories or need to polish off Wintergrasp Ranger, and that means whenever I end up in WG I’m never alone (at one point over the weekend we had six of us in the raid group) and it’s never straightforward.

The biggest single issue to overcome is grabbing the number of kills required to get vehicle access, because if there are Horde Towers down south, that’s the main priority. With the exception of the Horde Flight Point (Chilled Quagmire) all the kills I need for the Ranger points are at Towers, so I want to attract some attention. With a Catapult it takes about five minutes per tower, if I’m lucky I’ll get some help (or enough kills for a vehicle upgrade), but it’s a fairly safe bet that if I’m down South and all three towers get mullered, we’re onto a winner.

One of the main advantages of doing PvP like this (at least for me) has been the opportunity it’s afforded for me to brush up my 1 v 1 skills. I’ve never duelled seriously, but I appreciate the experience it can give in helping you learn to stay alive: knowing when to pop trinkets, or drop a trap, or use Deterrence is useful for both Arenas and Battlegrounds after all. I’ve had a few instances when I’ve needed to stay alive against solo opposition, and I’d like to think I’m getting better at it. My biggest problem is inevitably against melee classes (coz I need range to kill, even with the reduction in my minimum range there’s still a dead spot to overcome) so that means learning to get away and stay away, by slowing my opposition. I’m not going to win any contests with my leet skills, but I can look after myself far better than I could.

I have no idea how long it’s gonna take to finish these two achievements off but I’m quite looking forward to finding out. It’s true what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and in WG at least it’s fun to PvP with less, rather than more. With 4.1 about to drop this week with the ultimate in Recycled Content, I find myself wondering… is it worth giving Wintergrasp a second chance to a wider audience?

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