Maybe you should have helped out when I asked you…

A well documented bug in 4.1 has meant non-combat pets have been doing strange things. This has led to people being able to drag all manner of NPC ‘helpers’ out of their normal phased areas and back to SW. To this end I spied a Druid with five cow companions on Monday (note to self, remember to screenie these things or by The Rules it never happened.) My NPC follower has been for the last few days an increasing annoyance. The Innkeeper’s Daughter is fun every five or so hearths back to the Dwarven District but having her out full time became increasingly frustrating. Dwarven laughter began to get on the nerves of other players in Random Dungeons. I was asked if I could dismiss her or turn her off. Futile attempts to get her to help (I asked nicely!) with dps or crowd control were met with crying. I couldn’t get rid of her.

On logging in this morning I noticed immediately how much quieter it was and assumed she’d been hotfixed, until I heard the ‘death’ noise that normally accompanies me feigning death. Every time I changed zones I’d hear it about 10 seconds after I’d arrived and it took a good hour and a cup of tea to work out what was going on. I still had the Innkeeper’s Daughter, except now after I’d zone she’d simply keel over and die.

I have to say, for a moment at least after suffering days of irritating laughter and a total inability to remove her from my side, I found myself thinking karma has a way of balancing the game world scales. Next time when I ask her to be quiet, perhaps she’ll at least think about it…

One thought on “Karma’s a Bitch

  1. Ooh, I can see this blog at work again! \o/

    That Innkeeper's Daughter was bloody annoying after a while (and I say that as someone who has also swapped her in for the regular hearthstone), so news of her keeling over periodically pleases me. :-)

    Although, I've always been able to dismiss her by bringing out another non-combat pet, even post 4.1 (as far as I can tell, anyway)…


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