One to Go!

It’s been a long and frankly quite painful trip, but the end is in sight. This afternoon on my regularly scheduled trip around Hellfire Peninsula what is now known in my house as ‘The Rare Alarm’ went off and I was able to dispatch the Vorakem Doomspeaker (the last two times I’ve found him he was already dead, but Silver Dragon [*] picks dead mobs up regardless) That means Mekthorg the Wild is now Public Enemy #1 and I’ll be doing twice daily swings to HP until he gives up his Orcish behind to me. Trust me, never will 35 Achievement points be so well earned.

After that, I’ll be looking at Frostbitten as my next ‘You Have to be Kidding me’ Achievement goal. Currenly I’m at 6/23 but the spawn average the last few runs I’ve done hasn’t been woeful and I’ve picked up two rares in the last two days. Of course I have to kill Loque’nahak for this one and as a Hunter I am very much torn as to what will happen when I finally have to make that choice. We will see. For now, I’ll be setting up a Forward Base at Honor Hold and preparing myself for some serious scouring in the days to come…

[*] Cannot recommend this addon enough if you are rare hunting, also very useful when travelling around Azeroth for picking up rare spawns with random green loot…

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