… and decided that, if I was going to make a serious go at Frostbitten, I’d have a REAL problem killing a Spirit Beast. I have already consigned Skoll to the great Pet Graveyard in the sky and frankly I still feel guilty about it. I’ve been a Hunter forever, after all. It’s just not right, and given the opportunity I would rather tame first and kill second, however much longer it then means to get the Achievement.

As a result, after I’d knocked off all of the named rares for the Achievement in Zul’drak first thing, I went to Dalaran and changed my secondary spec from SV to BM. I figured that this way, should a rare spawn appear I can train it and not feel guilty. Flying across Zuldrak to Grizzly Hills ten minutes later, the Rare Alarm went off. Thirty seconds after that, and after over six years of playing, I finally own my first Spirit Beast.

He really is very hard to see…

Gondria has always been my favourite of the Spirit Beasts, and there was a time when I semi-seriously checked spawn spots for a few days, but in the end I have never really seen the point in spawn-camping when there are far more interesting things to do with my time online. For now he’s renamed Ghost, in the absence of a cleverer name, but I suspect this will remain as the first name I normally find for a pet is the one I stick with.

I would have kicked myself from here to Netherstorm if I’d seen this guy and been unable to nab him, even though he’s not needed to finish my achievement. I also take this as a good omen, that this search for mobs may be longer and more difficult but in the end it is likely to bring me even more satisfaction than I got from completing Bloody Rare. As I explained to a Guildie yesterday, people play Warcraft for many different reasons. I love this game because after over six years it still has the ability to shock and surprise me in equal measure.

Long may this continue.

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