As reported earlier in the week, my second (certifiably insane) Hunting Achievement was in it’s infancy as I finished Bloody Rare. After picking up a whopping four spawns this morning (and crossing Grizzly Hills off my list of travel-to places by getting both rares I needed to complete the zone in one hit) the list of mobs to track down is looking considerably smaller. Loque is still taunting me from the top of the list, and as I flew over the Basin on my first circuit of the day I counted two BM Hunters in his known spawn spots. If I am lucky enough to find him I may well have a fight on my hands.

An early morning start has proven invaluable in snaring these guys. I can see a new breakfast routine forming in the days ahead…

[EDIT:  Four more rares added to the list across the day. Maybe it’s not about the timing, simply the persistence.

Giant Dead Robot Gnomes FTW!

Of course, it’s the ‘hard’ ones left to find including the two potential Hunter pets in the Basin and Vyragosa in the Storm Peaks (who I know was dead on Friday when I last found her, wonder how long the respawn timer is…) ]

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